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Friday, March 18, 2005

Training, mind the gap

Well I've gone and done it. First go at the gym!! Very dull staying in the same place and adding metres of distance so I thought I'd imagine heading towards the studio in Durban, not sure how far that is From Nottingham Road, I'll find out but I'm 9km closer now anyway. Like to see if Lev can beat me coming the other way. Guess it will be harder as its uphill.

The main thing that has frightened me into training is that we will taking a ride in the hyperbaric chamber in Pretoria, early April and they will take us to 27,000' the highest it can go and then exercise us up to 30k!!

I know that being unfit does not help in those things along with any alcohol that might be hanging around your system and tension or fear of being there.

its something i've always wanted to do, being taken to great altitude and made to do embarassing things before you faint, but it is worrying.



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