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Friday, March 04, 2005

Out of Breath

Oxygen is becoming an issue on two fronts

1. Its all very very scary

2. Flying to 30k takes us into the barrier between relatively simple systems and complex learn how to use systems.

The simple method involves a regulator and mask as you climb you adjust the regulator for the flow of oxygen required, at 30k it’s about 2 lt a minute.

Now 30k is the very limit of this sort of system so it would be much safer to have a pulsed system which actually when you breath in forces more oxygen in then you would normally take.

These systems are used by the military for high altitude parachute jumps and other stuff.

Lev and I will have to go and learn how to breathe again!! It is a deliberate act with these systems apparently for some you have to suck first!!!

I keeping remembering the 45 seconds time of useful consciousness if it all goes Pete Tong.

For the test flights to 20k we will use the simple system with masks and Lev will be in charge of keeping us alive!!



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