Two get very high, and other hot air balloon related foolery

Friday, February 25, 2005

Time moves on

A couple of frightening realisations this week. First that we really will have to get the oxygen equipment from the military as civil stuff is not made for the job. More experts reminded me of just how long we will last should it all go wrong.

The second is just how little time I have to sort everything.

On the positive side we have decided to have a childrens competition. Two in fact.

One a science project, we could take the most interesting experiment weighing no more than 2kg to height and see what happens. The second a writting and drawing sort of thing. Childrens idea of flight. Prizes a flight in the balloon some time. Early days, we will work on it. We would compile a book with the poems, stories and pics afterwards.

Spoke to my friend Brian about it, he flew around the world and he sent the following words of encouragement for contestants......

Flying is a dream for some and too scary to even think about for others. However you feel about it, one thing is for sure - it is a magical experience that I hope you will all enjoy one day. Good luck with your competition and maybe you will allow me to write something in your book when it is put together?

With very best wishes to you all,

Brian Jones

Pilot, Breitling Orbiter 3.

How cool is that!!

Oh the other good news today, laptops arrived from HP for us to fill with the software for flight tracking.



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