Two get very high, and other hot air balloon related foolery

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Picking up the 1:50000 map images, all 20 of them for the flight area today, I'll have to then reference them for Ozi Explorer, the moving map program we will use and then the crew and us should'nt get lost!!!

As we will be travelling across areas without roads it will be important for the crew to be able to plan ahead and take the appropriate routes.

I will also populate the maps with hundreds of waypoints on the end of roads and try and get the balloon to one of them.

The simplest thing to do will be call the guys on a cell phone once we have landed and say we are at or near point x or y

All my nerdy computer powers will come to the fore today hooray. At last a use for a dull interest.


Lev seems to have gone very quiet, frightened I reckon


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