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Friday, January 14, 2005

It must be time to start training, sensibly keeping it at bay until after Christmas and new year is over. After all who would be able to keep to a diet at Christmas.

No more pies (well a reduced amount from Fred and Sues fab pie shop) see the inserted image to see just how much of a treasured customer I am. They don't actually put any lard in because I'm a vegetarian, I understand they even make pies for people that eat meat! I may be a vegetarian but at least I don't have a fork wrapped around my wrist! You will have had to have seen this seasons first celeb weakest link here in South Africa to understand that!

Even worse no more proper beer from The Nottingham Road Brewery,, well actually somewhat less. A little of what you like does you good, thats the tag line isn't it??

No if I can reduce my total weight to 80KG i.e. a whole 10 less than I currently am then its 10 more KG of fuel or gadgets that we can take to altitude. The only time you have too much fuel is when your on fire. My younger brother has been on the Atkins diet for more than a year now and is considerably lighter than previously.

I'm a bit afraid of that diet I'm not sure its sensible and perhaps if I drop the odd chocolate bar that I buy, reduce the amount of beer and only have every other pie from Fred and Sue then it should be ok.

So with no small amount of beer, no sorry fear, I pledge to reduce my weight to 80KG by the first week of May 2005, in order to go on standby for the high flight from the 9th of May, gulp.

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  • Please send all your excess vegetarian pies to me here in Wales. You may include any spare beer, too, if you like...

    I'm going to go and muse now on the truism that all the best screw-ups happen during live broadcasts :)

    By Blogger Mike Clark, at 10:40 PM  

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