Two get very high, and other hot air balloon related foolery

Monday, January 10, 2005

Start Spreading the News

Heres the plan, hopefully Lev and I will keep this updated with the latest news........

Two get very high Lev David and Gary Mortimer Broadcast from 9km up and make a TV show

How does the story look?

Having followed Lev and Gary through a training process they don protective clothing and oxygen equipment to ride in an open wicker basket to an altitude just higher than Everest. The balloon lifts at the beginning of the East Coast Bokomo breakfast show. One or two of Levs workmates circle in a private jet sipping champagne and eating a luxurious breakfast whilst circling the climbing balloon. Following on the ground, the final breakfast show host. The entire event filmed by cameras attached to points around the basket and suspended from the envelope.

Do what??

There is currently no official South African height record for Hot Air Balloons.Anybody that has been to height has not carried the required equipment to ratify their attempts with the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) the people that oversee aviation record attempts.
Why 9km?
Its just higher than Everest
The safety equipment required is not too onerous.
It can be done within 3 hours
On a clear day most of the province should see us.

The attempt would probably have to take place East of the N3 and North of PMB.
Controlled airspace, the airways system and Drakensberg get in the way to the West and Durban’s too close to the sea. Where we land? Who knows.

Training will have to include the following.
Lev balloon piloting


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